Finding a school for your child can be a long, intimidating process.  Are you interested in sending your child to a school that accepts scholarships?  Find out why that is a great idea here!

When looking for private schools in Orange Park FL or searching for a Jacksonville school for Autism, you may be overwhelmed with the options.  Many private schools accept scholarships that allow many benefits to the family.  While there are many reasons why a McKay Scholarship or Step Up for Students scholarship is helpful, we have listed the top four reasons to choose a school that accepts scholarships for students with disabilities.

School Choice

Picking a private school that accepts scholarships allow you as a parent to choose the best school for your child.  There are so many different options out there and you can finally take control and decide what environment will best service your child’s social, emotional, and academic needs.  Instead of a “blanket” approach where each child in a class is treated the same, you can choose a school that individualizes for each student and supports them in the areas they need it most.

Less Financial Stress

Do you KNOW your child needs a different school environment but worry how you will afford it?  Scholarships allow your child to attend a school that suites their needs AND pays for the huge expense of the school.  Scholarship amounts vary but many children are able to attend a private school with very little or no cost to the parents.  On top of accepting McKay Scholarship, Step Up for Students Scholarship, and the Gardiner Scholarship, The Broach School offers free breakfast and lunch, free school supplies, and a relaxed dress code to take off a lot of financial stress from our families.  

Small Setting

Children with disabilities such as Autism or ADHD benefit from small group instruction that the public schools have a difficult time mastering because of overcrowding.  Teaching students in small groups with peers at their same ability level helps the instructor meet the needs of each child.  Grouping students and using a center-based learning model ensures no child will be overlooked.

College Prep

Most parents hope their child will graduate from high school and be successful in life.  They set goals for their child and the school they attend plays a huge part in meeting those goals.  It is vital to choose a private school that will support your child’s post-secondary aspirations and help them make the connections they need to contribute to our society.  The Broach School has created many relationships with programs  that promote interest inventories, teach employment skills and trades, assess employment readiness and assist with job placement.

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