Education is making headlines these days, and it’s nothing new. In the State of Florida, public schools have experienced incredible teacher shortages and state-mandated changes to the curriculum. Additionally, the system is rigid, and some students need the flexibility and support that public schools simply cannot provide. 

Are private schools better? 

Ultimately, it’s all about the student’s individual needs; however, private schools definitely have their advantages. To determine if private school is worth it, it’s important to take into consideration the following: 

Class Size:

In 2002, Florida residents amended the State Constitution to set a maximum allowance for the number of students in each core class. Core refers to English, Science, History, and Math. In Elementary, this refers to the child’s Primary teacher. 

The ruling maxes out the class size at:

·       18 students in PreK-3rd Grade

·       22 students in 4th-8th Grade

·       35 students in 9th-12th Grade

However, there are workarounds, and many public schools, suffering a massive teacher shortage find themselves with classes exceeding the limit. Outside of Core courses, a child may also share the classroom with 40-60 students in an extracurricular like Physical Education or Creative Writing. 

Private schools generally have smaller class sizes, and this benefit allows for personalized attention and a more accurate account of your child’s abilities in the classroom. This also opens the teacher up to more individualized interactions and opportunities to communicate with parents. 

At the Broach School, our maximum teacher-to-student ratio is 15-1; however, we prefer to keep our classes even smaller to ensure each child receives the personalized support he needs to thrive.

Public schools are woefully underfunded, and money is often awarded to the higher-performing schools, putting the teachers and students who need support the most at the end of the line. It is not uncommon to see Florida public schools with aging facilities, outdated books, and a total lack of technology.

A private school, however, generally has the funds to support well-rounded academic programs. Students have access to computer labs, technology, and other supplemental learning tools. 


While Florida Public schools are at the whim of Government changes, private schools have the freedom and flexibility to operate in the way that best serves their students. This includes flexible scheduling and an adaptable curriculum. A private school adopts a growth mindset mentality and often helps a child work through materials until he has mastered a concept rather than moving on to the next topic. 

Additionally, qualified teachers offer a personalized learning style that motivates each child to succeed. Families are not bogged down by homework and state exams, creating a less stressful environment for parents and students. 

At the Broach School, we believe in helping each child find success, and this may require a unique program. We have a proven track record of success, including a 94% graduation rate. Contact our Enrollment Director today to discuss one of our six different learning programs

How much does private school cost in Jacksonville, Florida?

The answer to this question varies – a lot. The services, location, and reputation of the school determine the cost of tuition. In Jacksonville, the annual cost of tuition can range from $8,000 to $30,000, dependent upon the grade level. Private elementary school comes in between $8,000-12,000 per year, while private high school can range between $12,000-$30,000. It is recommended to research and contact local private schools to determine an accurate understanding of their tuition. 

How do you afford private school fees?

What to do if you are struggling to pay private school fees? The cost of private school tuition is not cheap, but help is out there! 

Scholarships and additional assistance are available to qualifying families in the State of Florida. The following scholarships are based on income and students with unique abilities:

·       Family Empowerment Scholarship

·       Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Furthermore, families can receive financial relief for contextual considerations, such as bullying and harassment or academic struggles, through the Hope Scholarship.

Some families choose to take out personal loans. If so, it’s recommended to evaluate your situation to ensure it is financially feasible and to research the best loan options. 

At the Broach School, we are proud to share that over 98% of our students attend for little to no out-of-pocket tuition expenses. More information on how to obtain private school scholarships for your child may be found on our website. 

Are kids happier at a private school?

Happiness is relative in life, and the same goes for school. It is what you make of it. However, individuals who are supported and challenged tend to find better success in this world. At a private school, you can be sure your child will have better access to individualized and personalized teacher support, solid and functional resources, and a flexibility that meets his or her learning needs. 

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