Do you feel like your child needs a different setting in school?  Are they falling behind?  Are you unsure of how you can get help?

The John McKay Scholarship may be your solution to getting your child help. The McKay Scholarship pays for students experiencing disabilities to attend a private school in order to have a program better suited to their child’s specific needs.  There are a few requirements you must meet to apply for the scholarship.  Below are a few questions you can answer to help you decide if your child is eligible to receive McKay funding.

-Is your child enrolled in public school?

To be eligible for the McKay Scholarship, you must apply before you remove them from their current public school.  If you feel like your child is falling behind and would benefit from a private school, apply for the McKay Scholarship and keep your child in school throughout the application process. If your child is removed from school before or during the application process, they may lose their eligibility to be awarded The McKay funding.

-Are you a Florida resident?

The McKay scholarship is available to Florida residents.  There are some exceptions to this rule; you may find out more by visiting Florida School Choice.

-Does your child have an IEP or 504 plan?

An IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is issued to each student who is tested for a disability.  This plan gives teachers an exact look at a students strength and weaknesses and allows them to give the students an individual approach to learning.  Students who have an IEP are receiving Special Education services, usually on a daily basis.

504 Plan is very similar to an IEP, but typically means your child needs less support from their teachers and other services.  A student that has a 504 Plan is diagnosed with a disability but DOES NOT qualify to receive Special Education services from the state.  This means their disability does not affect their learning enough to require extra services BUT they do need support in a few areas.

If you are unsure if your student has an IEP or 504 Plan and want to apply for The McKay Scholarship, then check with your guidance counselor or principal at your child’s school.

Easier than you thought?  There are thousands of families that meet these FEW requirements but do not realize it.  Take advantage of the McKay Scholarship and give your child the best opportunity to succeed.  The Broach School of Jacksonville admits students throughout the year who have successfully applied for and received the McKay Scholarship.  Our school is designed for students with disabilities that are behind grade level(s), need more individual attention, or a smaller class environment.  THERE IS NO NEED TO WAIT!  If your child meets the requirements for the McKay Scholarship, APPLY NOW.

For more details and specifics on eligibility requirements for the McKay Scholarship, visit the Florida School Choices website.