Broach School South Campus

Our South Campus location is easy-to-access from Beach Boulevard and University Boulevard. 

Broach School South Campus Building


Are classes mixed grades? Yes, depending on enrollment, there may be more than one grade per class.

Are sports/extracurricular activities offered? No, but students are eligible to play sports at the public school they are zoned for.

Is tutoring available? Some campuses offer after-school tutoring for an additional fee.

Are students required to wear uniforms? There are no uniform requirements at this time.

Do you have service dogs on campus? Yes, most of our campuses have service dogs every day on site.

Are your teachers certified? Per the state of Florida requirements, all of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree.





South Campus Address

Broach School South
5940 Beach Blvd.
Suite 1
Jacksonville, FL 32207

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South Students on Field Trip with Service Dog
Broach School South Student Petting a Service Dog on the Floor
Broach School South Students petting a Service Dog in Training
Grand Opening of Broach School South Campus
Virtual Field Trip For Broach School South Campus Studwnts
Broach School South Member of Faculty Petting a Service Dog
Broach School South Campus Students Painting At Their Desks
Broach School South Student Brushing a Service Dog on the Floor

“She has been performing much better socially and academically at Broach School than Duval Public schools. The Broach School has met our expectations with regards to her ability to learn and progress into a better student and person overall.”

South Campus Parent


“The Broach School has been a beyond exceptional experience for my child! Not only has he learned and grown so much since he started there two years ago, but the entire school staff and faculty have continued to exceed the expectations I have for him and his learning experience. That is why I choose to have him return for next school year”

South Campus Parent


“Before my daughter joined that school, another parent told me about it and my daughter has been ever since. I love The Broach School and my daughter loves it. It is just a great school.”

South Campus Parent


Let’s Learn Together!

Special needs does not have to be a struggle. Schedule an open house of the Broach School South Campus today. Give us an opportunity to help transform your child’s education experience. We are currently enrolling.