Is your child bullied at school?  Does your child have a disability that makes it difficult for them to express what goes on at school?  Does your child feel because they are different they are targeted for bullying? Do you need help teaching your child how to cope?

Trying to help a child who is being bullied is a difficult task.  Often parents find it hard to not take the bullying on as their own problem.  This article focuses on how to help teach the child how to cope and what steps parents can take to help.

Here are some steps you (guardians) can take if your child is being bullied:

  • Teach the child how to respond

The biggest thing you can do for your child if they are being bullied at school is to teach them how to cope.  Many times, it is hard to not handle the situation for them because it is upsetting and you want the best for your child.  By doing so, your child could get the impression you will take care of all of their tough situations in life.  Even though you might want to, try to resist!  Teach your child how to ignore the bullying and to let their teacher or administrator know immediately.  Help them understand why certain kids bully others and they have done nothing to deserve those actions.

It is important that if your child has learned how to respond to bullying and it has not stopped that you contact the school.  Oftentimes, bullying happens when there is little supervision (bathroom breaks, lunchroom, after school) by the teachers or staff.  Make them aware of what is going on and have them keep an eye on those particular students so they can help you address the issue.

  • Support your child

We all remember the times in our childhood when we felt no one would listen to our problems or wouldn’t support us, right?  Parents, be sure to sit down and listen to your child.  Sometimes just letting them talk without interrupting them is all they need.  All people like to feel they are being heard and supported by others.  Giving them that opportunity will help them sort out their thoughts and you can understand more of how they are feeling.

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