How can we keep a positive mindset  in our homes and in our schools?  What can parents do to keep their child positive, despite their struggles?  The Broach School has started a new podcast called To Build A Bridge and our first episode is discussing positive mindsets for students and parents.

Mr. Walden (South Campus) and Ms. Clement (Orange Park Campus) sat down to discuss how we can keep our minds positive for our children.  Parents or guardians with children experiencing disabilities can easily be drug into negativity because of struggle trying to advocate for their child at school. 

Students can become negative because they struggle at school and therefore, don’t want to go.  Or maybe someone is picking on them and has really affected their view of school  All of these are reasons why a student or parent could have a hard time keeping a positive mindset.

How do you deal with children who are negative?

  • Allow open communication.  Don’t forget, kids desperately need to hear what they are doing right.  Keep the line of communication open and find something they have done really well and compliment them on it.  
  • Help them digest their feelings.  Students with disabilities have a hard time verbalizing how they’re feeling.  Sit down with them and help them understand how to communicate how they feel and how you can help them through that situation.  This will help them feel supported AND help their communication skills.

Dive into this topic with Mr. Walden & Ms. Clement by clicking the image below to listen  to the full podcast.