Is your entire family addicted to the cell phone?  Do you find yourself checking your phone constantly?  It’s time to put it down for good- here’s how you can do it.

In a study conducted by AVG Technologies, 54 percent of kids think their parents spend too much time on their phones.  Parents and teens alike are addicted to using their cell phones.  Some are bored and others simply cannot go without connecting to the outside world.  Browsing, watching videos, and messaging friends have become purely addicting.  According to a recent report from Common Sense Media, 78 percent of teens check their devices at least once an hour, while 69 percent of parents do the same.

How can we stop this addiction and connect back with what is going on around us?  Here are four ideas to put the phone down and enjoy your family.

1.  Make dinner mobile-free.

Challenge everyone to place their phones in the middle of the table with the volume off and the screen facing down.  No one at the table is allowed to pick up their phones until it is time to leave.

2.  Change the WiFi Password

Is your child ignoring their chores because they simply cannot get off of their phones?  Change the WiFi password to something they will NEVER guess.  If you aren’t tech-savvy, call your Internet provider to have them help you.  As soon as the chores are completed, the child may be given the code for the WiFi.  Better yet, cut it off for the entire weekend and encourage your child to read.

3. No phone usage after 7 pm

Do you catch yourself in bed at night scrolling through your phone until you fall asleep?  Challenge yourself (and your family) to put the phone on the charger at 7 pm and not pick it up until the next morning.  You will be amazed how much better you sleep!

4.  Plan a family night

The best way to reconnect with your family and friends is to plan a family night.  Download the free family night idea guide below to have some uninterrupted fun with the people you love the most!

Even small changes to your and your child’s screen time can make a big difference.  Make a new challenge each week and stick to the plan with no exceptions.  Less cell phone usage will help your family reconnect and enjoy quality time together.