Is your child on the autism spectrum?  Do you frequently get overwhelmed with others not understanding their actions?

Taking a child experiencing disabilities to new, unfamiliar places can be a difficult task.  You never know how they might react and more importantly, you never know how others will react if they have a meltdown.

We have found some “autism cards” that give others a heads up on why your child might have a sudden meltdown.  Movie theatres, public buses or even airplanes might be an appropraite place to give those around you a heads up so they are more understanding.

Here are somethings you should know about meltdowns in children on the autism spectrum:

  • they are frequently to gain attention
  • can result in self harm
  • can occur anywhere 
  • will typically wind down on their own
  • the child typically feels out of control

For more information on meltdowns, visit EmaxHealth.

Print and share these cards on your social media pages!

Raising a child is not an easy task.  Raising one on the autism spectrum can pose unique challenges that parents must be prepared for.  Let’s help our children by raising awareness for chidlren with Autism and children with special needs.

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