Developmental milestones are important indicators that show if a child is developing as they should or if they have a slight delay or something more serious.  Knowing what signs to look for in a baby or child is essential to offsetting some of the symptoms associated with autism and receiving immediate treatment. Find out what key milestones a child might miss if they have the beginning signs of autism.

By 3-4 months of age, your child should:

  • Recognize sound and smile to your voice
  • Follow you with their eyes
  • Move head toward smiles

By 7 months, your child should:

  • Explore with their hands
  • Respond to their name and other’s emotions

By a 1 year of age, you should see your child:

  • Imitating sounds and movements
  • Find hidden objects and exploring
  • Communicate using simple words

By three years of age, your child will:

  • Communicate and show a variety of emotions
  • Sort objects and match pictures and objects
  • Uses simple phrases to communicate

The above are a few milestones your child will typically hit as they are growing.  If you notice your child is not doing some of the above or seems delayed in making progress, here are some characteristics of autism you might look for:

  • difficulty engaging with parents or others
  • failure to respond to their name
  • little interest in people
  • delayed making noises or babbling
  • difficulty playing with others or often playing alone
  • trouble reading other people’s emotions