Do you need something for your child to do this summer but low on funds?  Look no further!  We have compiled a list of summer activities that are FREE for guaranteed fun.

Water Activities

-Beach:  If you live close to the beach, this is the perfect “free” option for a family.  Scope it out first and find where you can park for free, too!

-Splash Pad- Many cities have a splash pad (an outdoor play area with sprinklers, fountains, and nozzles for kids to play in) that you can go to for free!  A simple Google search will find them in your area.  Make sure to check that the splash pad is free; if it is located within a park, there may be a small fee per car for entry.

-Water table- A water table is especially fun for smaller children that love to explore water.  Set up a table outside (that you don’t mind getting wet) and place different containers, cups, Tupperware, or waterproof toys on the table and add water to the containers.  Your child will love pouring the water into the containers and splashing around.

Dry Activities

Scavenger Hunt: Come up with fun tasks they must do or search for clues around the house (or out in public if they are older).  They will love being challenged and going on a hunt for “treasures”.  

-Relay Race: A relay race may be a fun way to get siblings to interact but also achieve an important task.  “How quickly can you make your bed?” (make sure to show them what an acceptable “made” bed might look like).  Be sure to throw in some non-chore type activities to keep it fun.  This activity may be particularly fun for a child with ADHD to help them relieve some built up energy.

-Build a Fort: Give your child a basket of supplies from around the house and ask them to build a fort in the living room.  They will love to create something unique out of everyday items (sheets, towels, blankets, etc).  If your child has a disability, you may want to help them or give them more instructions and show them how to do it.  Bonus:  Ask them to grab a good book and read in their new fort for 20 minutes.

Other activities might include: bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or learning to cook a simple dish.

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