Are you looking for gift ideas this summer for the male role model in your life this Father’s Day?  Look no further!  We have created a list of free activities or gifts for Father’s Day.

1.  Notes of Appreciation

Do you have someone in your life that deserves appreciation?  Take some time to write small notes and leave them all over the house where they are guaranteed to be found.  Write reasons you love them, reasons you appreciate them, or your favorite activity to do with them.  

2.  The Great Outdoors

Put down the video games and get outside with your Dad or Grandpa!  Here are some things they might enjoy doing outside: going on a walk, fishing, kicking around a soccer ball, or going to the park.

3.  Hand Crafted Gift

Do you have crayons or paint at home?  Color or paint your Dad, Grandpa, or male role model a picture or card.  They will love the hand-made touch and it will make a perfect new addition to the refrigerator! 

4.  Dinner

Instead of making breakfast, venture out by making OR serving dinner.  Learning something new is a great way to impress Dad.  Practicing to cook or serve food could also become an important life skill later in life.

5. Chores

Lighten the load by helping more around the house on Father’s Day.  Some chores might include laundry, picking up, sweeping, organizing the closet, or unloading the dishwasher.

6. Dress Up

Provide some entertainment by pretending to be Dad or Grandpa for the day!  Dress up in their clothes, imitate their actions, and try to talk just like them.