Are you looking for a summer camp for your child?  There are so many options and it is important to consider what might work the best for your family.  Here are some questions you should ask to help you pick the right one.

 1.  Is there a cost associated?  

Many of us find this can be the most important question.  Can you afford to send your child to this camp?  Saving up NOW is a great way to ensure you have some extra funds to send your child to camp.  Many camps will offer a sibling discount when more than one child from the same family enrolls in camp.

2. Do the dates and hours work?

Transporting your child can be a huge factor into signing them up for camp.  If you have to be at work at 8am and the camp starts at 9:30 am, you may have a hard time getting them there.  The same rule applies for picking them up in the afternoon.  Make sure whatever camp you pick works for you and your family.

3.  Does the camp cater to children with disabilities?

If your child has a disability, it is important to find how if the staff are prepared to offer your child the accomodations he or she may need.  A new environment and new kids can be overwhelming for a child with ADHD or Autism and those in charge of the camp should be trained to help your child have a great experience.

4.  Is the camp something your child is interested in?

A week-long basketball camp for your child who loves to read books and learn more about science might not be the best idea.  There are so many camps offered, you should find one that caters to at least one of his or her interests.  Exploring new activities is always a great idea for young children, but having one activitiy in their comfort zone will help their confidence and allow them to be more comfortable.

5.  What age groups are allowed to interact?

Most camps have times separated by age group for safety and maturity reasons.  It is important to ensure your child will be in a group of his or her peers which will allow them to be more comortable.  Most summer camps have a “no bullying” policy in place already, but make sure you ask if that is a concern.

Here are a few more questions you may want to ask:

-Are meals or snacks provided?

-Can your child bring his or her therapy pet?

-Is there a make-up policy if my child misses a day or gets sick the week of camp?

-Will I need to provide my child with any supplies?

For more information about local camps offered in the Jacksonville area, please click below to download our Summer Camp Guide.