Reading a book can be challenging for some students, especially those with disabilities.  All the pages remind them how little they have read and how far they have to go. Motivating a child to dive into a book can especially challenging.  Find out how you can ensure your child is reading AND comprehending without picking up a book!

1. Recipes

Do you love to cook?  Ask your child to pick out a recipe and see if they will help you make it.  Tell them they are in charge of the recipe and taste testing.  Giving them ownership of a task will ensure their buy-in and get them excited.  When going through the recipe, you can ask them to do it out loud so you can make sure they are saying everything correctly.  Be sure to give them lots of positive feedback and help out if they get caught on a word.  Then, help them pick out and measure the ingredients to make the final product.  Recipes are a great way to show children that reading is a necessity in the “real world”.

2.  Cereal Box

Cereal boxes are always packed with things for kids to read.  The ingredients or directions are a great place to start first thing in the morning.  As they are enjoying their cereal, ask them questions about the box and words on the box to encourage their curiosity and check for comprehension.

3.  Board Games

Board games are a great family activity and are always packed with a booklet of directions.  Find a new game they do not know the rules to and have them to read the directions (with help) out loud so everyone learns how to play.  This is a great way to encourage comprehension because it requires them to make the right move based on the rules.

4.  Video Game Reviews

Is your child begging you for a new video game?  Ask them to do some research and find reviews on the particular game they are interested in.  Not only will they use research skills, they will have to read all the reviews for the game and decide if it will be worth the money.  They will be invested in finding out more information about the game and will be learning along the way.

Children with disabilities can be difficult to motivate or “trick”.  These are just a few examples of ways you can get your child into reading without them realizing it.  Try a few of these and praise your child for the great work they are doing.