Do you know the TRUTH about autism

Kids on the spectrum have no feelings.

FALSE:  Children on the spectrum DO have feelings, just as each of us do.  The difference is, they have a tough time expressing their feelings and emotions.  They also have a difficult time recognizing other’s feelings and identifying body language and facial expressions.

Autism is caused by “cold parents”.

FALSE:  It was once believed that this diagnosis is caused by parents who do not love their children and do not treat them as if they loved them.  This has been disproved.  We now know that any child can develop this neurobiological disorder, no matter the parental involvement.

Kids on the spectrum tend to have other disorders related to the diagnosis.

TRUE:  Children and adults on the spectrum tend to have issues that accompany their symptoms.  They often will have gastrointestinal disorders, food sensitivities, and many allergies.  Gluten free diets and minimizing food with artificial dyes can help those symptoms subside.

Everyone who is diagnosed has the same symptoms.

FALSE:  Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning it can take on many different “looks” in different people.  Each person is an individual and have unique strengths and needs. Some children are more severely impacted, and others just have small differences they can overcome.

There is no cure for autism.

TRUE: There is NO cure for this disorder but can be managed with early intervention and support.