School anxiety in children can happen to anyone and is more common that reported.  Some children express their anxiety in different ways, some being noticeable and some not.  Do you suspect that your child is anxious about going to school?

If you suspect your child is anxious, the first step to helping them is figuring out what is triggering those feelings.  Here is a list questions to ask yourself about your child:

  • -Is my child refusing to go to school?  

Sometimes simply getting in the car to go to school waiting on the bus can trigger a stressful moment for a child.  If you notice they are refusing to go to school or have excuses why they do not want to go, they may have anxiety.

  • -Does your child worry constantly about social situations?

Withdrawal from others can be an indication of anxious feelings.

  • -Did your child start a new school or school year?

The “unknown” is a stressful situation for a child.  Some of them are able to get past those feelings once they get comfortable, but some children never can cope with transition or big changes.

Here are some other situations that might cause your child to be anxious:

  • -Stressful changes or life events at home
  • -Fear that something will happen to a parent while they are at school
  • -Fear they will not do well at school
  • -Fear they will not be socially accepted

Anxiety disorder can manifest itself into many other facets of a child’s life.  If you suspect your child is anxious, be sure to consult a doctor to get them they help they need.

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