It is not easy to decide where your child with special needs should receive an education. Not every child can benefit from a public school education, or even home schooling. However, private schools are in a unique position to provide the greatest benefits towards your child’s education while also avoiding the pitfalls that come with public and home schooling.

Teachers and Faculty Who Truly Care

Many private schools employ not only teachers with focuses on special education, but also speech therapists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, and tutors who all provide a well-rounded experience for your child’s education. Public schools may only hire a handful of faculty to work with special needs children, and it’s unfair to place all that responsibility on a parent with home schooling. 

Nurturing a Healthy Social Life

Another benefit to choosing a private school is the positive social life your child will experience. Regardless of a child’s condition, a healthy social life will improve not only their life right now but also pave a great future full of opportunities. 

One major problem children face in public schools is bullying, which is typically left unchecked by educators and faculty. In a private school, there is less of a chance for bullying to occur as children are placed in an equal playing field. Smaller classes also allow faculty to keep an eye on your children, making sure that bullying doesn’t take place. 

Private schools can also provide positive role models for your child. Faculty and instructors at these schools have a passion for those with special needs. With closer interactions in a smaller space, your child will get to know these positive influences and grow in that light. 

One last social benefit your child will have will be the opportunity to socialize with peers like themselves, which can’t always be granted in a home school situation. No matter what, all children need some sort of social outlet. What better outlet than to make friends who can better understand them and their walk of life?

Curriculum That Understands Your Child’s Needs

Public education usually provides a rigid course structure without many options to deviate. Your child needs an education tailored to their own personal learning style, and a private school such as the Broach School can specialize in that kind of education. These schools use differentiated instruction, which accounts for the variance in needs from child to child. 

Your child’s free time at home is also considered, as these schools are more relaxed when it comes to assigning homework and assigning intense coursework that could burn a child out. Private schools can also offer a wider variety of services in addition to just education: speech and occupational  therapy, counseling for the child and family, as well as tutoring programs to help your child succeed.

Choosing where your child will obtain their education is always a difficult decision. When it comes to a child with special needs, a private school can adequately provide an education curated to their individual needs. Every child deserves to put their best foot forward to start a wonderful life, and a private school can best give them the tools to take on their long, happy life.