Is your child struggling in school?  Do you feel like your child is getting lost in the crowd?  Does your child have a disability or special need? Are you frustrated? What if there was money available for you to have a choice on where your child goes to school?

There is Money available to YOU to get your child the help he or she deserves with The McKay Scholarship.

The McKay Scholarship pays for help with private school tuition for students experiencing disabilities.  Not only does it pay toward tuition, but it also gives YOU the choice to pick the school your child attends.  After all, we as parents know our child the best- why would we allow where we live or our financial situation decide where our child goes to school?  Pick a school that meets your child’s individual needs and get them the help they need before they fall through the “cracks”.  

This infographic shows that only 5.25% of children in the state of Florida that qualify for money through The McKay Scholarship are actually taking advantage of it. 

Parents, there is MONEY set aside for your child- take advantage of it and watch your child be successful in a  school environment that is appropriate for them.

At The Broach School, approximately 95% of our students that attend our schools are on the McKay Scholarship. Many of our students go on to college because the McKay Scholarship allows them to go to a school that would help them be successful. 

Don’t wait another minute and let your student fall further behind in school!  Take advantage of the chance to put your child’s education into your own hands, without the complete financial  burden by applying for the McKay Scholarship.

For more information on the McKay Scholarship, and the specific  requirements to apply, please visit the Florida Department of Education website.