Where Do I Start?

So your child has been approved for The McKay Scholarship and now you need to select a school for him or her to attend. Where do you start? On the same website where you filed your intent to participate in The McKay Scholarship, there is a private school directory of all participating and approved McKay schools by District (county). Click here for the Directory: McKay Qualified Private School Directory

If you live in a large county, such as Duval County in the Jacksonville area, you will find a long list of participating schools. Of course you can check into each one, but let the internet do some work for you!

Research the Internet

As parents of a child with a disability, you’ve got some homework to do: Research some of the schools that may be close to your home or work by going to their website and taking note of what they have to offer. Use our Guide, “35 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Private School”, (available on the right of this post), to help you make a comparison between schools.  Call the schools and ask for references from parents. Find out the qualifications of their teachers and how long they have been in business. Ask the school what percentage of their student body is on The McKay Scholarship for children with disabilities. Find out how they will personalize your child’s education to meet his or her needs.

Don’t select a school based purely on tuition.  Many schools may offer in house scholarships. Above all, the most important thing is to find the program and school that best suits your child so he or she can be successful!

To recap the main points:

  • Research on the Internet
  • Download our Free Guide
  • Ask for References
  • Check School’s History
  • Check Teacher’s Qualifications
  • Check % of Students on McKay